Choosing the right paint for your home can be daunting. That’s why you should look to an expert you can trust. Step right in, Annie Sloan. With over 30 years of paint production experience, a lifelong career in Interior Design, and 7 years of Fine Art training under her belt, Annie is perfectly and uniquely qualified to create a Wall Paint which ticks every box.

Very few of us use wall paints frequently enough to know whether the paint we are using is all that. Sometimes, expensive paints give patchy results. What’s in the tin doesn’t match up with our expectations and often we’re inclined to blame ourselves rather than wondering if the price tag was misleading. We promise not to misleadingly dazzle you with flashy lifestyle photography, complicated ranges offering myriad finishes, and confusing messaging.

Annie’s wall paint is simple, straightforward and stunning. Instead of choosing between quality of finish (so that’s the luxurious, soft velvet finish and exceptional coverage Wall Paint offers), depth of colour (achieved with premium quality, expertly balanced pigments, tested in a variety of different lights and mixed to exacting standards), and durability (meaning the finish will last for years and will be wipeable, scrubbable, and practical even in the busiest of households): choose a paint which offers all three.

Wall Paint by Annie Sloan

  • Is easy to use
  • gives great coverage in only one or two coats
  • doesn’t require a primer
  • comes in just one premium finish, suitable for all walls (no more agonising over different options!)
  • has been developed to represent covetable, heritage high-quality colour options in 32  shades which have proven the test of time –  as featured in award-winning interiors all over the world.


Wall paint is available for in-store purchases only.